Comment policy and disclaimers

I love comments. I do. What I don’t love are advertisements disguised as comments. Don’t waste your time; Akismet will catch most of your spam comments and I will catch and promptly delete the rest.And if it wasn’t obvious, hate speech, racial slurs, trolling, etc., is highly frowned upon.

Disclaimer: I will occasionally link to products (mostly books) on Clicking on these links and then buying from Amazon supports A Like Affair With Words, however, I will not hype up any book or product in order to get clicks. I link to both books I loved and books I didn’t. Buy both or neither (though I’d prefer, of course, both). I’m hoping the links don’t get too intrusive.


2 Responses to “Comment policy and disclaimers”

  1. Jane Burek Says:

    Re: Dave Eggars Is Weird, what am I searching for, here is the google search:

    “Dave Eggers” “sister” beth

    Reason being, I like to read about the misfits whose interpretation of accepted PR realities don’t jibe. Also, I have a (unproven) theory — ever since reading Little Women — that Beths tend to be neurotic in a repressed, self-hating way. Feel bad that Egger’s sister Beth committed suicide. Wish someone coulda reached her, but that’s almost always impossible anyway.

  2. CothDeest Says:

    OK, let me repeat that… I like to utilize my pleasant peak A joke for you peoples! Why is a turkey more evil than a chicken? Because a turkey is always a gobblin (a goblin)

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