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Small newspaper ethics

August 7, 2007

Came across this link in my travels today: Post Register Staff Disclosure Conflicts

Okay, so the president of the paper is running for governor of the state, the acting executive editor is married to an important school official, but the paper seems to be handling these potential conflicts as well as could be hoped. I love the last item, though:

When his wife Tracie filed the paperwork to run for a seat on the District 91 School Board in 2005, Miller recused himself from all decision-making on coverage of District 91 for the duration of the campaign and her term in office…He has violated the recusal by handing along story ideas and has been reminded by senior editors of the paper that even if they’re the same story ideas he would have had two years ago, they are now tainted by his connection and he has to keep his mouth shut.

Gotta love small papers.


Poynter covers disabilities

June 21, 2007

Two recent posts on Poynter about writing about people with disabilites caught my attention recently: [1] [2]

I think most of us have gotten past the poor high school girl’s quandary in #2:”I wanted to write a good story about overcoming obstacles,” she said. It’s important to write what happened, not try to fit notes into a preconceived pattern. But there’s a lot of ground to cover between that girl’s reporting and the New York Times articles mentioned in #1.

This has been on my mind recently because of my story about Becca Hart. And now of course I realize that I did use the word “obstacles” quite a few times, but–I believe–not in a bad way. And Hart, when I spoke to her, was humble and had a great sense of humor–not “cranky, dismissive, angry, horny, obnoxious.”

So, good things to think about either way. What’s certain is that Poynter’s pieces couldn’t have come at a better time.