About the author

I’m Rachel. I’ve lived in a bunch of different places (Minnesota, New York, England, Pennsylvania), visited a bunch more, and would like to live in and visit even more. I’ve recently graduated from Adelphi University, which no longer has a money-embezzling president and is, really, quite a good small school.

I’m living in Alexandria, Virginia with a very talented photographer and spending some time freelancing, some time working for the Washington Post as a Style copy aide. All opinions expressed here are strictly my own and are not endorsed by my employer.
I like cats but not dogs, trees but not bushes, oceans but not lakes. I will never turn down free food, the chance to swing on a tire swing, or a good book.

I have an embarrassing but insatiable desire for shoes and sun dresses, which I keep mostly in check.

My writing has appeared in print in The Washington Post, the Washington Post Express, Newsday, Her Times magazine, the Erie Times-News, the Onion AV/DC, and others. Online, I’ve been seen here (since 2007!), and occasionally at http://readexpress.com and Freelance Parent. I can be reached at rkaufman13@gmail.com.


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  1. JR Says:

    thought you might be interested in this recent video of Attila in the prison:

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