30 places to find free online courses for writers

February 8, 2008

Via Lifehacker, 10 places to get writing courses online including MIT, Utah State, Purdue’s Online Writing Lab (more of a reference, less of a class repository, but whatever), and more.

Another free way to improve your writing: join a critique circle. I dabbled in a few through Meetup.com (just punch in your city/state and “writing” and you should get some results) and wasn’t impressed, but it’s all about finding a group with whom you work well. I took a fiction writing class in college three times because I knew the instructor was brilliant and that he’d bring amazing things out of the group. I think it’s harder to get this dynamic without an established leader/authority figure, but not impossible.

And last, courtesy of Freelance Writing Jobs, 20 more course offerings, with little overlap because this list includes courses that cost money.

I’m wary of online courses that cost upwards of $300, but I’m loath to make a snap judgment and say they are not worth it. Has anyone tried an online, paid course?


One Response to “30 places to find free online courses for writers”

  1. phebek108 Says:

    I’ve taught an online creative writing class with women around the world through Catherine of Siena Virtual College (see my blogpiece at http://phebek108.wordpress.com).

    As a nonprofit, Catherine College receives grant money so they offer scholarships to women in developing countries. Others pay as little as $10 a class. The class is sharing writing not instruction ON writing per se.

    Thanks for all the info on your blog!

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