Tuesday’s Tools: “Things” (Mac Only)

January 29, 2008

I’m on an organization kick lately. The most recent of my experiments has been Things, a Mac-only organizer program. It’s in alpha right now, and is free for testing (though the final version will not be free), so go sign up and grab it.

What you’ll get for your payment of $0 is a fairly intuitive interface where you can enter a list of things to do, group them by project or due date, and tag them as you see fit. For now, your Things fit into: “Things to do today,” “things to do next,” “things to do someday,” and “postponed.” I’m not sure what the difference is between someday and postponed, and I’d love to see a bucket for “This week” or something, but mostly it’s so fast to enter tasks that I don’t mind the minor things. (And yes, it IS in alpha.)

The final version will have a feature I’m excited about: delegation. You’ll be able to add People to delegate tasks to, and through some magical process I don’t quite understand, the program will tell the other people that they’ve been assigned such-and-such. This whole thing is much like Remember The Milk except prettier.

So give it a try. I like it, and think y’all will too.


One Response to “Tuesday’s Tools: “Things” (Mac Only)”

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