Narcissurfing, wikiality, and spaghetti marketing

January 16, 2008

Tom Chandler at Copywriter Underground covered nine (why not 10?) top buzzwords for 2007 and inadvertently taught me about My favorite buzzwords on Tom’s list are above, but you can read the whole list here.

Other “good” (for some definitions of the word) buzzwords:

yogurt cities: Cities with thriving “active cultures” — museums, symphonies, opera, independent bookstores, etc. — where baby boomers will choose to retire (instead of retirement communities).

eat their own dog food:To use your company’s own products, software, solutions, etc., even if they’re not the best. “The folks working at Microsoft are upset because they’re now required to eat their own dog food.”

Buzzwhack doesn’t seem to be governed by any standards in the sense that one nomination is enough to warrant inclusion in the dictionary (as far as I can tell). So that could explain why I haven’t heard many of these words. But it also explains how “popular” I’m going to be with my clients as soon as I start sprinkling these into my copy.


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