First post of 2008: Goals for the new year

January 1, 2008

Whether you’re an experienced writer, a freelancer just starting out, a blogger, or a combination of these, you need goals to keep you on track. Write them down, put them in a prominent place, check up on them, whatever. For me, the most crucial part of goalsetting is just thinking about them. What’s realistic for the next year? What’s not? What’s the highest priority and why?

My goals for this blog for the upcoming year are as follows:

  1. I want to continue weekday posting, but I’d like to introduce more series and special events. I’m working on a series right now, actually, that, when finished, should take up a full week’s worth of posts (and I will be SO happy when it’s over).
  2. I want to increase my interaction with the rest of the blogging community. My blogroll is tiny but well-edited; I’d like to grow it, start commenting on others’ posts, and.. (and here we go into number three)
  3. I want to guest blog, and invite guest bloggers here. (Anyone looking for a guest blogging exchange in the upcoming weeks?)
  4. Last, if everything goes well with the blog and the freelance, maybe moving to my own host and domain is in the cards! I don’t know yet, but it should be pretty exciting.

Good luck with your own writing and blogging goals, and once again, happy 2008. (my gosh, is it that time already?)


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