Coffee jargon, 2

November 29, 2007

I came across a coffee poster today in the course of duty that had some very interesting words on it. This goes way past “sweet, lively, spicey, silky-bodied.” Off the top of my head (I made the mistake of assuming the poster would be available online at the Specialty Coffee Association Of America‘s website, and it wasn’t):

Wet Wool
Wet Cardboard

Mmm….pour me a cup of that sweaty joe, will you?

(Oh! SCAA doesn’t have it, but Sweet Maria’s does. If you want it in color you’ll have to buy it! Otherwise, check out this version. )


3 Responses to “Coffee jargon, 2”

  1. Danny Lucas Says:

    Oh excuse me!

    I thought I smelled a cup of coffee perking here and rushed over. Forget all those hideous names, brands, styles, colors, and aromas.

    Gold Coast is all you need to recall. Take significant sums of money, buy a few ounces, and you will find truth.
    Money CAN buy happiness….if spent properly.

  2. Rachel Says:

    Oh, I don’t know. I’m a fan of some Ethiopian varieties, but I’ll drink even 7-11 sludge. (Now that’s a horsey coffee if I ever saw one!)

  3. Danny Lucas Says:

    Be advised, it is an ad.
    Be advised, it gives reasoning to making a choice in coffee.
    Be advised, I needed to brew a new pot upon reading the ad … and I did.

    Here is the ad:

    The listing of coffees and their origins, along with their price is an eyeopener. Many think that if you pay more, you get more. This is true in Macroeconomic Theory, but coffee grows in the real world. Throw the rule book out!

    Jamaican Blue Mountain can be had for $33.95 for ….8 oz.
    That’s 2 cents shy of $68 for a pound and well over $70 a pound after UPS gets a cut.

    Ethiopian is a parltry $7.95 for 8 oz. by comparison.
    Heh heh. Nile mud is abundant apparently.

    If you have previously published this link, forgive me as I am new to Like Affairs with you. I have no alerts set on my PC, but a word on “coffee” from any quarter of the globe seems to make the whole gizmo shake. Bill Gates must drink coffee, too, for my MicroSoft sets alarms with only a whiff of the word.

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