Tuesday’s Tools: Freelancers: find your next job here

November 27, 2007

For a while, when I was just getting started as a freelancer (which was ever so long ago) I was visiting FreelanceWritingGigs every morning trolling for leads. The jobs posted here are free to look at and are culled from tons of Web sites, many of which are either filled with junk (“write for exposure,” anyone?) or really ugly to look at. I really appreciate Deb’s (and assistant Jodee’s) efforts to only post jobs that are worthwhile.

Now, granted, I didn’t find myself swimming in work, and I suspect that I priced myself out of the market with many of the ads I did reply to, but I did find a few leads through here. Much more successful was, and still is, local networking and pounding the payment. So now, thanks in part to FWG’s work, I find myself too busy to read FWG every day–which is the goal, isn’t it?

So though your mileage may vary, FWG is free and blessedly concise: just a listing of freelance jobs every day and a few quick posts with writing tips or ideas.


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