Tuesday’s Tools: Wired’s list of must-haves for writers

November 6, 2007

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An oldie but goodie: Check out Wired’s Gadget Lab for writing must-haves. I can’t say I agree with everything on the list (can somebody explain the purpose of the Alphasmart?) but for the most part, it’s dead-on.

A partial breakdown:

1-An ultraportable laptop

Gadget Lab recommends a VAIO or Macbook, or an old Dell. Me, I like my iBook G3 that I got for $100 (though admittedly that was a steal; you can get them on eBay for 2 to 3 times that). It’s been real good to me with the exception of a fatal problem with its graphics chip…um, okay, on second thought, don’t buy an iBook G3.

2-Durable notepads with cover pockets

I’ve been waffling between a super chunky notebook that I believe came from CVS, and a little red one that I got at the Japanese dollar store…but those Ru things look lovely, don’t they?
3-Digital Recorder
Don’t buy any of the Olympus consumer-grade models. Just don’t. Mine lasts forever on a pair of alkaline batteries, but the software you’re REQUIRED to use to transfer files (it won’t act as an external drive) is buggy and Olympus refuses to fix it. I hear good things about Sony.

…?-Unlimited public transport access.
Heh. Yes.


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