Worth Reading: In Search of Bill Watterson

October 22, 2007

New York Magazine links to a Cleveland Scene piece about trying to track down the elusive Bill Watterson, the Calvin and Hobbes creator who virtually disappeared from public life after retiring from his comic strip. Also included is a biography of Watterson. I for one never knew all this about him. I knew the guy was talented and that he refused to sell out (whatever that means)…definitely an interesting read.

Calvin & Hobbes belong to Bill Watterson. Please don’t sue me

But what’s the occasion to link to a 4-year-old article about a guy who hasn’t done anything the media’s paid attention to (or could pay attention to) in years?

Just this: A new biography of Charles Schulz, Peanuts creator, hit shelves earlier this month, and the Wall Street Journal asked Watterson to write the review. And he said yes.

(Aside for DC residents: Biographer David Michaelis will be at Olsson’s Penn Quarter this Thursday at 7pm to discuss and sign copies of Schulz and Peanuts: A Biography.)


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